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It is easy to begin indexing on FamilySearch. First, go through our quick guided tour. Next, find an easy batch to start with. The project instructions and field helps will tell you everything you need to know.
FamilySearch indexing offers projects in languages other than English.
Before you begin work on a new project, read the indexing project instructions to learn what the documents look like, how they are organized, and how to index the fields. Each project is different.
Use the indexing field helps when you have a question about what to enter into a field. To open an indexing field help, to the right of the field, click the purple question mark.
Learn how to get help reading cursive handwriting while you index.
In web indexing, you can return an indexing batch that you do not want to do or no longer have time to do.
In Web Indexing, you can add or add or delete data entries to match the number on the image.
Learn about the role of reviewers in the indexing process.
You can qualify to be an indexing reviewer by indexing 1,000 records in Web Indexing.
A reviewer checks a completed indexing batch for accuracy and makes needed corrections.
View our frequently asked questions about indexing groups.
Join indexing groups to get help from and interact with other people who enjoy indexing.
Group administrators can invite people to join an indexing group or subgroup. Follow these steps.
In Web Indexing, you can leave an indexing group that you no longer want to participate in.
In Web Indexing, group administrators can post messages to a group page for other group members to see.
Group administrators can create Web Indexing reports.