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British Colonization (1650-present day)[edit | edit source]

In 1631, the Dutch West India Company established a fort on the island of Anguilla, but it was abandoned after Spain destroyed the fort in 1633. Great Britain conquered Anguilla in 1650 and began sending settlers to the area. Anguilla remains a British overseas Territory.[1]

Record collection Years covered Record type Language Who is in the records
The Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), 1384-1858 1829-1842 Wills English Until 1858, all wills had to be proved by the church and other courts. Most of the individuals in these records were relatively wealthy.
Parish registers, 1826-1974 1826-1974 Baptisms, marriages, deaths, and burials English Members of the Anglican Church in Anguilla
Parish registers, 1910-1975 1910-1975 Baptisms and marriages English Methodist Anguillans
Civil registration, 1859-1932 1859-1932 Births, marriages, and deaths English Anguillans
Civil registration, 1883-1991 1883-1991 Births, marriages, and deaths English Anguillans
Registers of deeds : 1826-1930 1826-1930 Land deeds English Land owning Anguillans

References[edit | edit source]

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