Arizona County Creation Dates and Parent Counties

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United States Gotoarrow.png Arizona Gotoarrow.png County Creation Dates

Arizona Territory was created on 24 February 1863 from the west half of New Mexico Territory. All previous New Mexico counties were discontinued, but it was not until 10 November 1864, when the first four Arizona counties were created. Pah-Ute county is the only county discontinued, in 1871. All the other created counties still continue. The last county created was La Paz on 27 April 1983.

In the present day there are a total of 15 counties; 8 of them named for Native American Tribes, 2 of them for People, 2 of them for Mountains, 2 of them for Rivers, and 1 of them for a Town.

The information listed below is useful in identifying which county your ancestor lived in at what time. Once you have that information, you can contact that county's offices for records of your ancestor. If you don't find records in the identified county, look in nearby counties. Some changes have been made to the boundaries of the counties since they were created.

Name of County Date Formed Parent County Boundary Changes Counties Created
by Boundary Changes
Apache 1879 Feb 14 Yavapai Details Graham 1881, Navajo 1895
Cochise 1881 Feb 1 Pima Details none
Coconino 1891 Feb 19 Yavapai Details none
Gila 1881 Feb 8 Maricopa, Pinal Details none
Graham 1881 Mar 10 Apache, Pima Details Greenlee 1909
Greenlee 1909 Mar 10 Graham Details none
La Paz 1983 Apr 27 Yuma Details none
Maricopa 1871 Feb 14 Yavapai Details Pinal 1875, Gila 1881
Mohave 1864 Nov 10 Arizona territory Details Pah-Ute 1865, portion to Nevada 1866
Navajo 1895 Mar 21 Apache Details none
Pah-Ute 1865 Dec 22 Mohave Details portion to Nevada 1866, disbanded 1871
Pima 1864 Nov 10 Arizona territory Details Pinal 1875, Cochise 1881, Graham 1881, Santa Cruz 1899
Pinal 1875 Feb 1 Pima, Maricopa Details none
Santa Cruz 1899 Mar 15 Pima Details none
Yavapai 1864 Nov 10 Arizona territory Details Maricopa 1871, Apache 1879, Coconino 1891
Yuma 1864 Nov 10 Arizona territory Details La Paz 1983
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