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Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question #1: I am trying to find records for the last name Harvey. Can you tell me where they might be found?
Answer #1: In the browse points "Hartwick, Dennis Fay - Hartwood, Lester and "Hartwood, Lester - Hatfield, T. J.”, Hartwood was mistakenly spelled with a T – it should be Harwood in both browse points. This would mean the records for Harvey would be found in the first browse point - Hartwick, Dennis Fay – Hartwood (Harwood), Lester.

Question #2: I can’t find my ancestor. Are there missing records in this collection?
Answer #2: At the waypoint Trail, James Franklin, Jr. - Teadwell, Guy John, the name Teadwell should be Treadwell. The records that would fit from Treadwell to Trimey were missed in the upload. The film 5151173 has these records and can be ordered (See Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche) into a FamilySearch Center near you and viewed there.

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