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Arkansas Guardianship

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Guardianship is a court ordered appointment of one person (the guardian) to take care of someone who is physically or mentally unable to manage their affairs (the ward). A ward is often a minor child.

Guardianship records have been kept by the clerks of the county courts in Arkansas, sometimes in separate volumes, but most often merely noted in the court minutes.

A person appointed as guardian may be a relative, a friend of the family, or one who could teach the minor(s) a trade. In some cases guardians or administrators were appointed to handle the affairs of adults who were deemed incompetent.

Websites for Arkansas Guardianship[edit | edit source]

  • Arkansas records in the FamilySearch Catalog
    • A topic list will appear from which you may choose 'Guardianship', 'Court Records', or 'Probate Records.'
    • Or click "Places within..." for a list of counties
  • County records at Arkansas History Commission
    • Includes guardianship records
    • Select a county
      • Optional: Enter text "Guardian" which will yield more than "Guardianship"
    • Microfilm numbers for Arkansas History Commission and the FamilySearch Catalog are included
    • Click General Photocopy Order Form for services and prices.

Samples of Guardianship Records[edit | edit source]