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The years that Armenian Civil Registration covers vary depending on the region. Birth, marriage, and death certificates may be ordered using the resources included below.

Requests for Armenian Birth, Marriage and Death Records[edit | edit source]

Send requests to:

Department of Civil Registry
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia
3/8 Vazgen Sargsyan Street
0010 Yerevan
Cost is approximately $25.00 per certificate

Contents: Birth, marriage, and death records have the exact date of the event, including time of day for births; name of principal and parents; occupation and religious preference of parents; name of informant for births and names of witnesses for marriages; place of residence for parents of new born, of the groom and bride for marriages, and of the deceased for deaths; age at death, cause of death, and place of burial in death records.

Population coverage: 90% coverage of the population.[1]

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia -- Civil Registration

Additional Resources[edit | edit source]

Family History Library[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has select civil registration records from Armenia. Click here for 1917-1930 and here for records beginning in 1865.

Armenian National Library[edit | edit source]

Write to the National Library for holdings:

Armyanskaya Biblioteka
ul. Teriana 72
Yrevan, 375009

References[edit | edit source]

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