Austrian Military Church Records by Regiment

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Military church records (Militarkirchenbucher). 1654-1922.
551 rolls of film. Church records were kept for each military unit, hospital and garrison. They are cataloged under the name of the unit and by location if applicable. These records contain mostly death records, but a surprising number of births and marriages were recorded also. Only volumes that did not extend past 1886 were filmed.

Military church records directory. Militar-Matriken-Index 1740-1922.
5 rolls of film. Index of places, regiments, units, hospitals, alternate names, etc. where the military parish registers were recorded. Shows dates of the available records, names of regiments and names of places. Film numbers 1442862-1442866 item 1.

The Location Index for recruitment into the imperial Austrian army and navy troops. DislokationsVerzeichnis des k.u.k. Heeres und der k.u.k. Marine, 1649-1914. Otto Kasperkowitz, 1969. 320 p. Shows the names of regiments, battalions, etc. for each recruiting location. Essential in determining the name of the regiment or unit in which a soldier served. [extracted from Geschichte der k. u.k. Wehrmacht and Militar-Schematismus des Osterreichischen Kaiserthumes]. Film number 1186632 item 1.