Austrian Poland Church Records

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Birth Records[edit | edit source]

The early birth records show:
Year and date of birth and baptism
House number
Given name/religion/gender of the child/if it was a legitimate child
Father’s name
Mother’s name and her father

The later records show additionally:
Page number
Entry number
Child’s name with death information
Father’s occupation and parents
Mother’s parents

When you request the extract from the Civil Registrar Office in the Ukraine, the following is what you can expect from the information on the original document:
Name of the child
Date and place of birth
Entry number and day of entry made
Father’s fist, last name and his father’s first name
Mother’s first, maiden name, and her father’s first name

Marriage Records[edit | edit source]

Name of the parish
Page number
Date of the marriage
House numbers for groom and bride
Groom’s first, last name, names of his parents, his marital status, age
Bride’s first, maiden name, names of her parents, marital status, age

Death Records[edit | edit source]

Page number
Date of death
House number
Name of deceased father or spouse
Place of death
Cause of death

Status Animarum - List of Parishioners[edit | edit source]

Entry number
First and ancestral name of the couple
Date of marriage
Date of birth for the husband and wife
House number
The children’s first names
The children’s dates of birth
The grandparents on both sides and their dates of birth