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More major record sets for Wales are available to search online than most countries.

What information do you want to learn about your ancestor?

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Research Tips Success with Welsh census, birth, marriage and death records depends on a few key points.

  • Many surnames in Wales are quite common. Extra reference points improve search options and success.
  • Find your ancestor in each available census.
  • Use indexes, but never trust the index. Always look at the original image or record to verify accuracy and see information not indexed.
  • Where a person lived can be a great help to group individuals into their correct families.
  • Dates in a person's life will point to various options for learning more about them. Even approximate dates for birth, marriage and death can help.
  • Find at least two documents from independent sources to verify what you learn.
  • Use maps - doing genealogy without a map is like painting with your eyes shut.