Bibliography of Emigrants from Wales and Welsh Immigrants Around the World

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Although ship passenger lists are one of the first records to search for immigration information there are other sources that may fill gaps in missing records or sparse information.

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General[edit | edit source]

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[edit | edit source]

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Iowa[edit | edit source]

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[edit | edit source]

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New York
[edit | edit source]

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[edit | edit source]

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Pennsylvania[edit | edit source]

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[edit | edit source]

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[edit | edit source]

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[edit | edit source]

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Wisconsin[edit | edit source]

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Argentina[edit | edit source]

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Welsh Patagonians and Canada. 

A list of Welsh Patagonians who went to Quebec via Liverpool.  The list gives name, age, occupation, nationality, birth place and destination.  This is a passenger list of the Allen Line Steamer 'Numidian' 12 June 1902, illustrated with a photoof emigrants taken at Liverpool available also at National Archives of Canada Ref. C-037613, and also one of the ship.  Article in the magazine Hel Achau, The Journal of the Clwyd Family History Soc. at the Family History Library Ref 942.93 D25h vol. 103 December 2009, page 12-17.

Australia[edit | edit source]

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[edit | edit source]

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New Zealand
[edit | edit source]

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South Africa
[edit | edit source]

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Wales[edit | edit source]

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