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ALERT: This category may not show ALL the entries until the associated template has been updated (Template:Auto-outdated). See infobox below for instructions.

This category has been created to act as the receiving point for Template:Auto-outdated which will add this category to the page once the tagged article has exceeded the set point of the template. A page will only be visible here and the category will only be displayed on the page when Template:Auto-outdated has “expired”.

The template is used to determine when a specific article should be reviewed and or updated based on the variable time period specified using the template's input parameter value. For instance, {{Auto-outdated|14}} will activate 14 days after the last revision date for the page in question. See the template documentation for further information.

The template also has the capability to create sub-categories using parameters 2 and 3 which can be used to group the articles with similar topics together (as well as being displayed on this main category page) and or to make a sub-category that relates to specific groups (like Wiki Support) or a specific individual.