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About Ceduna[edit | edit source]

Ceduna is a small town in the West Coast region of South Australia. It is situated in the northwest corner of Eyre Peninsula, west of the junction of the Flinders and Eyre Highways around 786 km northwest of the capital Adelaide. With a population of 2,304, the town is the last major settlement before crossing the Nullarbor Plain from east to west.
Ceduna is in the District Council of Ceduna, the federal Division of Grey, and the state electoral district of Flinders. It is set on Murat Bay and the sandy coves, sheltered bays and offshore islands of the bay make it a popular base for a beach holiday. The name is a corruption of the local Aboriginal word Chedoona and is said to mean a place to sit down and rest.

The foreshore at Ceduna is lined with Norfolk Island pine trees. There is a jetty for walking, fishing and small boats.

The port town/suburb of Thevenard lies 3 km to the west on Cape Thevenard.

[edit | edit source]

There was a whaling station on nearby St. Peter's Island during the 1850s.

Ceduna was the site of a major satellite telecommunications facility operated by the Overseas Telecommunications Commission. This facility was a major employer in the town until the facility became redundant due to technological changes.

On 4 December 2002, Ceduna received international attention when the path of totality of a solar eclipse passed directly over the town. Though the day, had, at times been partly cloudy, the southwestern sky where the Sun and Moon were located was clear at the time of the total solar eclipse, late in the afternoon.