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China[edit | edit source]

Court records are available in China in most cases after 1949. Normally, when someone is tried by a people's court or by an organ of the executive branch of government, some record remains of the case even for a political crime. In some instances, the entire formal court verdict (Pan Jue Shu) is available upon request by the former defendant. In other cases, the court can provide only a synopsis of the charges and the verdict.

In all instances, it is necessary to have the applicant request court records. If an applicant is unable to secure court records, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, or the posts in China with jurisdiction over the area where the record is located can contact the appropriate provincial foreign affairs office and request assistance in securing records.

It is not advisable for other U.S. officials to contact courts directly.

Most court records will also indicate the original sentence, the actual sentence served, and any reduction or commutation of the original sentence. Court records are generally not available for the period prior to 1949.

Taiwan[edit | edit source]

For information on court and governmental records in Taiwan, see the National Archives Administration National Development Council.