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Colorado Springs North Family History Discovery Center Family History Fair
     §§§   2016 Family History Fair was held 5 November at the C21 Library   §§§

Check out the Library Video:

Pikes Peak Family History Fair
Hosted by The Pikes Peak Library District

Celebrating the Stories that Bind Us Together as a Community

Come to the Pikes Peak Library District’s Family History Fair and discover all the resources available to you in our community

Attendance is FREE

Free Seminars and Presentations
Free Children’s Activities A
Discover Your Ancestors and Their Stories!

from 10:00am - 4:00pm

        Pikes Peak Library 21c
        1175 Chapel Hills Dr.
        Colorado Springs, CO 80920
        (719) 531-6333

Come one, come all to the Pikes Peak Family History Fair!

Sponsored by the Pikes Peak Library District, the first annual Pikes Peak Family History Fair will be held November 5th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at Library C21 at 1175 Chapel Hills Drive in Colorado Springs CO 80920.

Keynote Speakers will cover topics including DNA Testing, Social & Cultural Family History, The Family History Guide and Why Family History Strengthens Families and 10 Great Ideas for How to Do It.

Classroom presentations and computer workshops on topics including, Census Records, Strategies for Searching Newspapers, Military Records, Wills & Estates, African American Genealogy, and British Genealogy to name a few will be highlights of the day. Please see the description and presenters for classes/workshops below.

People of all ages are invited to the Pikes Peak Family History Fair. Besides speakers and presentations, there will be hands-on activities, including opportunities to record your story on video or through an interactive I-Pad known as the Story Booth. Music, dancing and children and family activities will also be featured. Booths from family history professionals, local history organizations, museums and educators will round out the event.

2016 Pikes Peak Family History Fair Presentations

(See library maps below.)
See the Schedule and Maps: PPFHF PDF
Venue@21c = Room F, the main auditorium.
See class descriptions and speaker bios on separate document.

All day activities
• Room B4, Gordon Taylor, Legacy Stories Recording
• Room B5, New Account Signup, FHDC
• Rooms C1–C3, Story Booth Guided Interview, FHDC
• Room E (Ent Conference Center), Record Your Story on Video, FHDC
• Room K, Make a Family History Project, PPLD
• Kids Lobby and Story Room on Main Level: Family and Children’s Activities, FHDC
• Family History Center Booths: Print Fan Charts, Freedmen’s Bureau project, FHDC Resources (bring old photos to scan and SD cards, USB drives for recording stories)

10:30 a.m.
• Venue@21c, Welcome and Keynote: Katherine Scott Sturdevant, “Triaging Your Family Back into History: Urgent Steps Anyone Can Take to Research, Record, and Preserve”
• Room J: John Putnam, “What’s Your Story?”
• Room L: Kirk Woosley Patton, “Genealogical Research with Estate Records: Where There’s a Will, There’s Probably a Way”
• Room D: Courtney Smith, “The Search Is ON!”
• Room B2: Rowan Reynolds, “Family History from a British Perspective”
• Room B6: Kirk Woundy, “Capturing Life Stories”
• West Windows Upstairs: Janilee Nader, “Finding Your Family Story”

11:45 a.m.
• Venue@21c, Keynote: Bob Taylor, “The Family History Guide”
• Room J: J Richards, “U.S. Military Records”
• Room L: Ed Storey, “Using City Directories and Sanborn Maps to Locate Relatives”
• Room D: Stephanie Moore, “Timelines”
• Room B2: Vint Atkinson, “RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest, and Legacy Family Tree”
• Room B3: Parris Neal, “Shoebox to Story Book”
• Room B6: Marlo Schuldt, “New and Emerging Technologies to Share Family History Among Young and Old”
• West Windows Upstairs: Mariah Hudson and Steve & Joni Brand, “Free Genealogy Resources in the Pikes Peak Area” [open space west of Room J]

1:00 p.m.
• Venue@21c, Keynote: Deena Coutant, “DNA Testing: Discover Who You Are”
• Room J: Carol Darrow, CG, “Immigration and Naturalization Records”
• Room L: Candice McKnight, “Basic Genealogy Skills”
• Room D: Vint Atkinson, “Using to Tell Your Family Stories”
• Room B2: Karl Young, “What’s New in Family Search”
• Room B6: Tom Perry, “Celebrating Stories from ExtremeGenes Podcast”
• West Windows Upstairs: Mariah Hudson, “Housekeeping for the FamilySearch Family Tree”

2:15 p.m.
• Venue@21c, Keynote: Janet Havorka, “Why Family History Strengthens Families and 10 Great Ideas on How to Do It”
• Room J: Dina Carson, “Hiding in Plain Database: Tips and Tricks for Finding Exactly the Records You’re After”
• Room L: Andy Likins, “Locating Images of Ancestors”
• Room D: Bob Taylor, “The Family History Guide”
• Room B2: Kim Young, “Land Records”
• Room B3: Patrick McConnell, "Story Project"
• Room B6: Gordon Taylor, “Gathering Family History Using Mobile Devices”
• West Windows Upstairs: Adri Murdock and Lexie Borg, “Family History for Families and Children”

3:30 p.m.
• Awards and Closing, Venue@21c: Dr. Nicholas Gledich, District 11 Superintendent Activities All Day 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

HerStory Café, Main Level
Big Papa’s Grill, Upper Level

Vendors with Booths
African-American Historical and Genealogical Society of Colorado Springs Colorado
Genealogical Society/Computer Interest Group
Colorado Historic Newspapers
Colorado Mayflower Society
Colorado Springs Family History Center (Aeroplaza Building)
Colorado Springs Family History Center (Meadowland Building)
Colorado Springs North Family History Discovery Center (Lexington Building)
Daughters of the American Revolution, Cheyenne Mountain Chapter
DeWitt Enterprises
DigiDeena Family Heritage Solutions
El Paso County Pioneers’ Association
Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society
Forever Jamestowne Society, First Colorado Company
Legacy Stories
Life Long Links (CASA)
LifeStory Productions, Inc.
Palatines to America, Colorado Chapter
Edward J. Peterson Air & Space Museum, Peterson Air Force Base
Pikes Peak Genealogical Society
Pikes Peak Community College
Pikes Peak Library District, Special Collections
Sons of Norway, Fjellheim Lodge, Colorado Springs
Story Project
Time Capsule Memoirs TMC
Place and Extreme Genes Radio
Ute Pass Historical Society and Pikes Peak Museum

Keynote Title:      Why Family History Strengthens Families and 10 Great Ideas on How to do it
Presenter Bio:      Janet Havorka
Description:      Studies have shown that greater knowledge about family history strengthens your relationships and creates a core identity that empowers your current family. In this session you will learn to use the technology your family members already access every day to create a strong family narrative together. You'll leave with a plan for making your family history fun and strengthening your current family relationships.

Keynote Title:      The Family History Guide
Presenter Bio:      Bob Taylor
Description:      The Family History Guide is a premier learning site with links to over 1000 articles and videos, all organized in a step-by-step learning approach that helps you find what you need - when you need it. It is featured on the front page of the FamilySearch portal site for nearly 5,000 Family History Centers worldwide, with visitors from over 120 countries.

Class Title:      Using To Tell Your Family Stories
Presenter:      Vint Atkinson
Class Description:      This class introduces you to and demonstrates how to find your family's stories using the search tools of this powerful family history research partner. Included are basic website navigation; starting your family tree and techniques to assemble & tell your family stories.

Class Title:      Finding Your Family Story
Presenter:      Janilee Nader
Class Description:      Join us as we share how we discovered our family stories and encourage you to find your own family story.

Class Title:      The Search is ON!
Presenter:      Courtney Smith
Class Description:      Are you looking for ways to enhance your family history research? Are you unsure of the best way to perform Google searches and then wonder what to do with all those results? We will discuss how to become more proficient in your searches and find those family history clues!

Class Title:      Housekeeping for the FamilySearch Family Tree
Presenter:      Mariah Hudson
Class Description:      Ideas and tools to get, and keep, the FamilySearch Family Tree tidy! We will briefly discuss the structure of "The Tree" and how to manage conflicting information before applying the concept of "Low-Hanging Fruit" to the tree for things like identical names, incomplete or missing entries, non-standardized dates and place, duplicate people, problems, and more! In addition to FamilySearch Record Hints, we will also introduce and leverage Find-A-Record on our journey to get, and keep, the FamilySearch Family Tree accurate and useful.

Class Title:      Family History for Families and Children
Presenter:      Adri Murdock & Lexie Borg
Class Description:      It can sometimes seem overwhelming to carve out time to teach your children about their roots, but incorporating family history into your family's life can be fun and is completely do-able. Come find out how two moms make family history come alive for their children through games, family traditions, home decor and incorporating family history into everyday life.

Class Title:      The Family History Guide
Presenter:      Bob Taylor
Class Description:      Explore shortcuts to find records quickly and resources for learning how to do family history with the CEO and founder of The Family History Guide (

Class Title:     &nbspLand Records
Presenter:      Kim Young
Class Description:      None

Class Title:      Free Genealogy Resources in the Pikes Peak Area
Presenter:      Mariah Hudson, Steve & Joni Brandt
Class Description:      Learn about the many free family history resources at our public libraries and the 7 Family History Centers in the Pikes Peak area

Class Title:      Family History from a British Perspective
Presenter:      Rowan Reynolds
Class Description:      A presentation on the main records we use in Britain for genealogy. These include the Domesday Book, Manorial Records, Parish Records, Civil Registration and the Census. Historical background will be covered, and how to get a hold of them. The main emphasis is on England.

Class Title:      From Shoe Box to Story Book
Presenter:      Parris Neal
Class Description:      We have often been challenged to find a way to convert all of our photos, memories, articles, group sheets, and important documents from our "storage boxes" into a family history that can be understood, appreciated, added to, and passed along to the next generation. This class will show how to make that conversion into an "electronic family history scrapbook" that can include art, hot links, stories, and all of the other priceless collectibles that will culminate into a real time story book.

Class Title:      What Is PGS? Why Is It Important For Your Family History?
Presenter:      Vint Atkinson
Class Description:      This class will explain PGS (PGS = Personal Genealogy Software) and compare the major features and benefits of the three major software applications: RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest and Legacy. And why PGS is essential for your individual family tree and family history research.

Class Title:      New and Emerging Technologies to Share Family History Among Young to Old
Presenter:      Marlo Schuldt
Class Description:      Marlo Schuldt, President of LifeStory Productions, Inc. and creator of Heritage Collector Software, will help you gather, organize, find, prepare, and share your family history.

Class Title:      Capturing Life Stories
Presenter:      Kirk Woundy
Class Description:      Even simple personal history projects can profoundly benefit you, your family and future generations. In this interactive session, we will explore some of those benefits; talk about how to determine what story you want to tell; and identify some tools to make the process easy and — dare we say it — enjoyable.

Class Title:      Celebrating the Best Stories from Extreme Genes Podcast
Presenter:      Tom Perry
Class Description:      None

Class Title:      Gathering Family Histories of the living and dead using mobile devices
Presenter:      Gordon Taylor
Class Description:      None

Additional items to participate in for the FAMILY HISTORY FAIR!


                2016 PPLD Family History Coloring Contest

                2016 PPLD Family History Fair Writing Contest