Colorado State Archives, Historical Records Index

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The State of Colorado, Department of Personnel & Administration maintain a Historical Records Index.

The fields that can be searched are

  • Name
  • Year from/to
  • Record Type
  • County

The following records are included in the index:

1870 Federal Census
Adams County Divorces 1904-1913
Adams County Inheritance Tax 1929-1943
Adams County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Adams County Teachers 1913-1935
Adams County Wills 1903-1938
Amache Japanese Internment Camp Teachers List 1942-1945
Arapahoe County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Arapahoe County Poor Hospital 1895-1899
Arapahoe County Probate Cases 1902-1937
Arapahoe County Teachers Cards Dist 1 & 6 1953
Arapahoe County Voter Registrations 1893-1905
Bar Admission Files 1899-1950
Bent County Divorce 1907-1921
Birth Records, Misc. to 1909 from Custer, Elbert, Rio Blanco, Boulder, Gilpin and Arapahoe counties
Boulder County Birth Index 1892-1906
Boulder County Divorce 1904-1918
Boulder County Mothers Compensations 1914-1934
Boulder County Inheritance Tax Records 1941-1943
Boulder County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Boulder County Probates 1862-1900
Boulder County Rights of Way Cases 1871-1872
Civilian Conservation Corps Enrollments (Statewide) 1936-1942
Clear Creek County School Census 1874
Clear Creek County Wills 1950-1964
Colorado Civil War Casualties
Colorado Land Commissioners Patents 1878-1970
Colorado Court of Appeals Case Files 1891-1911
Conejos County Divorces 1899-1915
Conejos County Inheritance Tax 1918-1923
Costilla County Poor Record 1890-1932
Costilla County Probate Record 1876-1914
Custer County Pupil Register 1891-1896
Custer County Inheritance Tax 1907-1946
Custer County Wills 1887-1966
Denver Birth Index 1875-1909
Denver Death Index 1870-1909
Denver Inheritance Tax 1909-1912
Denver Lot and Block Index 1862-1917
Denver Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Denver War Risk Insurance Applications 1914-1917
Dolores County Court Cases 1881-1953
Douglas County Inheritance Tax 1911-1944
Douglas County Justice of the Peace Docket 1871-1892
Douglas County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Douglas County Wills 1886-1961
Eagle County Probate 1884-1935
Elbert County Birth Index 1869-1906
Elbert County Divorce 1870-1910
Elbert County Inheritance Proceedings 1922-1941
Elbert County Judges Docket 1928-1938
Elbert County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Elbert County 8th Grade Promotions 1918-1930
Elbert County Wills 1887-1966
El Paso County Divorce 1903-1941
El Paso County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
El Paso County Placer Mine Location Certificates 1892-1942
Fremont County Inheritance Tax 1913-1943
Garfield County Divorce Record 1906-1916
Garfield County Inheritance Tax 1909-1919, 1926-1942
Gilpin County Bankruptcy Docket 1867-1876
Gilpin County Chancery Cases 1862-1878
Gilpin County District Court Filings 1861-1882
Gilpin County Probate Court Civil Case Filings 1874-1892
Gilpin County Inheritance Tax 1910-1922
Gilpin County Marriages 1864-1944
  Horse (Docked) Register 1899-1907
Horseshoers 1897-1920
Huerfano County Inheritance Tax 1910-1946
Huerfano County Poor Records 1916-1923
Huerfano County Tax List 1873
Indian Industrial Schools Census 1900
Jefferson County Inheritance Tax 1913-1945
Jefferson County Civil Cases 1864-1886
Jefferson County Probates 1862-1977
Kit Carson County Birth Report Register 1892-1907
Kit Carson County Death Register 1893-1907
Kit Carson County Land Registration Receipts 1913-1939
Kit Carson Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Lake County Births to 1909
Lake County School District #6 1880-1903
Lake County School District #12 1893-1900
Lake County School District #15 1952-1958
La Plata County WPA Enrollments 1935-1942
Larimer County Mothers Compensations 1920-1933
Larimer County Naturalization Index 1885-1958
Larimer County Old Age Pensions 1933-1936
Leadville School Census 1883-1910
Lincoln County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Lincoln County Probate Cases 1890-1931
Logan County Inheritance Tax 1913-1942
Mesa County CCC Enrollments 1934-1942
Mesa County Inheritance Tax 1920-1934
Mesa County Motor Vehicle Licenses 1913-1917
Mesa County Persons Subject to Military 1885-1887
Mesa County Persons Exempt from Military 1887
Mesa County Probate 1883-1900
Mine Location Certificates 1905-1910
Mineral County Old Age Pension 1935-1936
Moffat County Inheritance Tax 1920-1943
Morgan County Mothers Compensation 1935
Morgan County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Ouray Births 1891-1902
Ouray County Probate Cases 1878-1919
Park County Divorce Record 1957-1974
Park County Will Record 1892-1925
Pitkin County Divorce Record 1931-1964
Pitkin County Inheritance Tax 1938-1956
Pitkin County Probate 1881-1953
Prohibition Arrests 1918-1926
Rio Grande County Teacher Certificate Applications 1874-1893
Rocky Ford School Census 1877-1892
Routt County Ditch Claim Statements 1902-1903
Routt County Inheritance Tax 1918-1923
Routt County Will Record 1888-1905
Saguache County Burial Records 1923-1925
Saguache County Poor Records 1915-1926
San Miguel County Old Age Pension 1934
Spanish-American War Volunteers 1898-1899
State Penitentiary Index 1871-1973
State Reformatory Index 1887-1939
Statewide Divorce Index 1880-1939
Summit County Probate Cases/Record 1877-1916
Teacher Experience Cards 1899-1958
Teller County Inheritance Tax 1917-1936
Teller County Wills 1894-1971
Transcript of Records 1861-1865
Vietnam Deaths, 1966, 1968
Washington County Pauper Record 1896-1897
Weld County Old Age Pensions 1931
Weld County Poor Record 1902-1913
Weld County WW1 Vets
World War I Civilian Service Questionnaires