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Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: Sometimes when I search for a record, the images are not there, or the message says “Image Not Available.” How do I find these records?
Answer 1: Whenever possible, FamilySearch makes images available for all users. However, ultimate rights to view images on our website are granted by the record custodians. Data Privacy rules prohibit viewing the following records: All birth images must be 100 years or older; all marriage images must be 75 years or older, and all death images must be 75 years or older. If any record on a digital folder contains birth records from the last 100 years, for example, the entire digital folder is restricted.
The Historical Records collections will be updated each year to show new unrestricted records. FamilySearch respects and strives to adhere to all privacy laws respective to preserving and providing access to genealogical records in its collection.

Question 2[edit | edit source]

Question 2: There are missing pages throughout this collection. Are these images available?
Answer 2: Some pages were not captured by the camera operator when the volume was filmed. This could be due to the camera operator missing a page or the page(s) could be missing from the original record. We do not have microfilms of these records. You may contact: STATNI OBLASTNI ARCHIV V LITOMERICICH (CZECH REPUBLIC), the original source of these records. They may be able to check information from the missing pages. On the landing page for this site, in the upper right corner are three flags followed by the words: Čeština, English, Deutsch. If you click on one of those words the website displays in that language.
We currently are aware of the following waypoints that have missing images:

  • Catholic > Česká Lípa > Dubnice > Baptisms, marriages, burials (Křty, sňatky, pohřby) 1734-1784 (v. L35-2)
  • Catholic > Česká Lípa > Horní Libchava > Baptisms, marriages, 1691-1739 (v. L43-1A). The double page which should contain entries 27 through 37 is missing
  • Catholic > Děčín > Benešov nad Ploučnicí > Baptisms, marriages, buri...sňatky, pohřby) 1628-1669. Marriage records are missing images between the years 1628-1633. Additionally, there is a gap in the death records between the years 1628-1633, as well as 1649-1669.
  • Catholic > Děčín > Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. Missing L61-vol. 3.
  • Catholic > Liberec > Frýdlant v Čechách > Baptisms, marriages, burials (Křty, sňatky, pohřby) 1784-1818 (v. L37-16). Pages 153-154 missing, between images 81-82 and pages 104-105 between images 219-220.
  • Catholic > Liberec > Habartice > Index baptisms, marriages, burials (Index pokřtěných, oddaných, pohřbených) 1784-1814 (v. 39-Index B). Page 444 is missing between images 29-30. Page 444 is the rest of S and T in the index.
  • Catholic > Lovečkovice > Mukařov > Baptisms, marriages, burials (Křty, sňatky, pohřby) 1761-1787 (v. 121-2). Pages 348 and 349 are missing between images 177 and 178.

Question 3[edit | edit source]

Question 3: Many of the waypoints in Catholic > Ostrava-Město > Moravská Ostrava have incorrect year ranges. Please list the correct year ranges.
Answer 3: The affected waypoints and correct year ranges are as follows:

Baptisms (Křty) 1749 (vol. 1803) year span should be 1749-1765,
Baptisms (Křty) 1784 (vol. 1804) year span should be 1784-1785,
Baptisms (Křty) 1784-1873 year span should be 1784-1874,
Baptisms (Křty) 1804 (vol. 1805) year span should be 1804-1843,
Baptisms (Křty) 1819-1874 (vol. 1833) year span should be 1874-1893,
Baptisms (Křty) 1819-1890 (vol. 1829) year span should be 1891-1893,
Baptisms (Křty) 1819-1893 (vol. 1830) year span should be 1893-1894
Baptisms (Křty) 1819-1893 (vol. 01830a) year span should be 1894-1894,
Baptisms (Křty) 1819-1894 (vol. 01831a) year span should be 1894-1897,
Baptisms (Křty) 1844 (vol. 1806) year span should be 1844-1857,
Baptisms (Křty) 1858-1868 (vol. 1807) year span should be 1858-1866,
Baptisms (Křty) 1858-1868 (vol. 01807a) year span should be 1858-1868,
Baptisms (Křty) 1858-1868 (vol. 1808) year span should be 1869 -1873 and index A – M,
Baptisms (Křty) 1869-1873 (vol. 01808a) year span should be 1869-1873 index M – Z,
Baptisms (Křty) 1869-1873 (vol. 1809) year span should be 1874-1876,
Baptisms (Křty) 1869-1873 (vol. 1810) year span should be 1877-1879,
Baptisms (Křty) 1873-1876 (vol. 1811) year span should be 1880-1883, and
Baptisms (Křty) 1879-1883 (vol. 01811a) year span should be 1883-1883.

Question 4[edit | edit source]

Question 4: Catholic > Ústí nad Orlicí > Jamné nad Orlicí > Baptisms (Křty) 1858-1895 (v. 21-4a) year span should be 1880-1895. Where are the 1858-1880 records?
Answer 4: Catholic > Ústí nad Orlicí > Jamné nad Orlicí > Baptisms (Křty) 1858-1895 (v. 21-4135) year span should be 1858-1880.

Question 5[edit | edit source]

Question 5: When searching Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1948>Catholic > Zlín > Malenovice, I cannot find any records I recognize? Why are there no records from the area?
Answer 5: The records for Malenovice may belong under the Province of Frydek-Mistek, rather than the province of Zlin. Since this collection is considered Direct Capture, there are no films available to refer you to.

Question 6[edit | edit source]

Question 6: Following path: Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1948 > Catholic > Frýdek-Místek > Bystřice nad Olší > Burials (Pohřby) > 1890-1917 (vol. 08945a) does not lead to Catholic burials, but to Evangelical burials. Where are the records for Catholic Burials for this town?
Answer 6: See below:

  • The records for Catholic > Frýdek-Místek > Bystřice nad Olší > Burials (Pohřby) after 1890 cannot be found at FamilySearch.
  • Records for Evangelical > Frýdek-Místek > Bystřice nad Olší > Burials (Pohřby) > 1890-1910 (vol. 08945a) may be found under Catholic > Frýdek-Místek > Bystřice nad Olší > Burials (Pohřby) > 1890-1917 (vol. 08945a). The remaining burial records may be found under Evangelical > Frýdek-Místek > Bystřice nad Olší > Burials (Pohřby) > 1910-1917 (vol. 08945)

Question 7[edit | edit source]

Question 7: Following path, Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1948 > Catholic > Svitavy > Blatina > Burials (Pohřby) 1858-1898 (v. M-16 2230) leads me to records for Borova; however, Blatina is just one village in Borova. How may I find Borova?
Answer 7: Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1948 > Catholic > Svitavy > Blatina > Burials (Pohřby) 1858-1898 (v. M-16 2230) should actually be Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1948 > Catholic > Svitavy > Borova > Burials (Pohřby) 1858-1898 (v. M-16 2230). Since these records are direct capture, there are no films to be reviewed or ordered; therefor the remaining volumes are not found on FamilySearch.