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Records of the former Jewish communities of the entire Czech Republic are located at the National Archives in Prague. This priceless collection contains more than 3,000 volumes of Jewish birth, marriage, and death registers that cover Bohemia, Moravia, and the Czech part of Silesia for the period 1784-1949.

Since May 2012 part of the collection is already online. Presently no English or German versions are available but will be in near future.

There are two ways to find your locality.

Click the Inventar tab and select Uredni knihy (matriky a indexy) by clicking on the green plus sign. Find your locality in the alphabetical index. Click on the green plus sign next to the locality name. Select the register (N=births, O=marriages, Z=deaths). There may be two symbols under the register description. The left symbol will open the register. The symbol on the right will open a list of all the localitites included in that register. The search box cannot be used with this option.

Click the Rejstriky tab. Select the beginning letter of the locality. Find your locality on the list. Proceed to the next page by using the page navigator at the top right corner. Click on the magnyfying glass symbol. Select the register (N=births, O=marriages, Z=deaths). Click on the symbol to open the register. You can also use the search box. Type in the locality name and click the Filtrovat button. Click on the magnyfying glass symbol and follow per instructions above.

In the meantime the archive will respond to a written request from an individual. Click here for contact information.

The collection inventory organized by town name is available on the website of the National Archive. Locality index is helpful in determining which register to order.