Denmark Birth Record Search Strategy 1572 - 1813

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Parish Register, Christening, 1572 - 1813: Church records[edit | edit source]

Although the earliest church record in Denmark dates back to 1572, most churches began keeping records of christenings in the late 1600s. The christening records are the most important source of birth information in Denmark. The ceremony of baptism or christening (giving the child a name) usually took place at home within a few days of birth and the christening record often lists the birth date. After 1814 this information was recorded on standard forms, and duplicate books were made of all church records.

What you are looking for

Church christening records are the best source for determining when a person was born.

Why go to the next record

You may need additional information to be sure that the person in the birth record is actually the ancestor you're looking for.