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Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question #1: Images from Cheshire, Church of England Records were once available but no longer are showing. Where can they be seen?
Answer #1: The England, Cheshire collections currently found on http://familysearch.org do not contain images with the collections due to contractual agreements between FamilySearch and the record custodians in England. They will be available at a future date when there are technologies in place which allow us to identify specific groups and individuals and add the required authentications.

Known Issues - England, Cheshire Bishop’s Transcripts 1598-1900[edit | edit source]

Question #1: I find records from England, Cheshire Bishop’s Transcripts 1598-1900 showing a person's burial information but the same information for that person found in the England, Cheshire Parish Registers, 1538-2000 is recorded as a christening. Which is correct?
Answer #1: Entries for year 1810 events in the Bishop's Transcripts at Lower Peover Parish include the following errors.
a. All 39 entries for burials were actually christenings.
b. All 15 entries for christenings were actually burials.
These problems resulted from the original Bishop's Transcripts being recorded erroneously; the burials were recorded in the Christening section, and christening records placed in the Burials section.

Known Issues for England, Cheshire Parish Registers, 1538-2000[edit | edit source]

Question #1: There are instances where there are two marriage dates for the same couple. How can I tell which is correct?
Answer #1: Records taken from Film 2106068, Digital Folder Number 4019025, images 145-610 are Banns of Marriage. Records taken form Film 2106067, Digital Folder Number 4019026 are Marriage records, even though the event recorded on the detail page says “Intended Marriage”

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