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This page lists all the wiki articles describing online FamilySearch record collections from England.

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Record Collections by Type[edit | edit source]

To learn more about any particular type of record available for research in England, select the appropriate link in the sidebar to the right. This leads to a dedicated article describing the history, significance, and general availability of that particular type of record in England.

Record Collections by Location[edit | edit source]

To discover which types of records are available for any particular location in England, locate the appropriate section in the following list. The section headings also contain hyperlinks to articles describing research strategies for the associated locality.

Most of the localities are historic counties, though some of the larger English cities are also listed.

National Collections[edit | edit source]

These collections refer to England as a whole, rather than to any specific location.

Allertonshire[edit | edit source]

Despite the name, Allertonshire is not actually an English county; rather, it is a hundred (historical local jurisdiction) in northern Yorkshire. However, due to jurisdictional difficulties, multiple collections list Allertonshire as a part of Durham. Allertonshire is listed here independently to sidestep this confusion.

Bristol[edit | edit source]

Buckinghamshire[edit | edit source]

Cambridgeshire[edit | edit source]

Canterbury[edit | edit source]

Cheshire[edit | edit source]

Cornwall[edit | edit source]

Cumberland[edit | edit source]

Cumberland Miscellaneous Records

Derbyshire[edit | edit source]

Devon[edit | edit source]

Dorset[edit | edit source]

Durham[edit | edit source]

Essex[edit | edit source]

Hampshire[edit | edit source]

Hertfordshire[edit | edit source]

Kent[edit | edit source]

Lancashire[edit | edit source]

Leicestershire[edit | edit source]

London[edit | edit source]

Manchester[edit | edit source]

Monmouthshire[edit | edit source]

Beginning in the thirteenth century, Monmouthshire was alternately considered as part of Wales and of England, until it was definitively assigned to Wales in 1974. As most historical records originate prior to 1974, collections from Monmouthshire may properly be included in this list.

Monmouthshire Parish Registers

Norfolk[edit | edit source]

Northampton[edit | edit source]

Northumberland[edit | edit source]

Staffordshire[edit | edit source]

Surrey[edit | edit source]

Sussex[edit | edit source]

Warwickshire[edit | edit source]

Westminster[edit | edit source]

Westminster is a borough of the city of London. As there are collections which pertain directly to it rather than to London as a whole, Westminster is independently listed here.

To learn more about general research for Westminster, look at the pages for London and Middlesex.

Yorkshire[edit | edit source]