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FHL USCAN Tier 3 Training Reference

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This page stores documents attached to USCAN Tier 3 Trainings.

Beginner:[edit | edit source]

Lesson 1: Intro to the Floors, Policies and Procedures[edit | edit source]

1.1 Policies and Procedures Activity Worksheet
1.1 Floors Activity Worksheet Resources and Layout
1.1 Floors Activity Worksheet Resources and Layout (answer key)

Lesson 2: Intro Research Strategies[edit | edit source]

Mallory's Pedigree
Practice Pedigree Chart
Intro Pedigree Analysis Activity Answer Key

Heringer Pedigree Chart (Practice)

Kent Pedigree Chart (Knowledge Check)

Lesson 3: U.S. Federal Census Records 1850-1940[edit | edit source]

3.2 Reading the Census Answer Key
3.3a Evaluation Table
3.3b Evaluate a Census Activity Answer Key

Lesson 4: U.S. Vital Records[edit | edit source]

4.2 Reading US VR Activity Answer Key
4.3 Evaluating US VR Activity Answer Key

Lesson 5: Advanced Online Strategies[edit | edit source]

Intermediate:[edit | edit source]

Lesson 6: Early American Handwriting[edit | edit source]
Lesson 7: U.S. Probate Records[edit | edit source]
Lesson 8: U.S. Land and Property Records[edit | edit source]
Lesson 9: U.S. Church Records[edit | edit source]

9.2 US Immigration Read Activity Answer Key
9.3 US Immigration Evaluate Activity Answer Key

Lesson 10: U.S. Immigration[edit | edit source]

10.2 Activity Reading a 1790-1906 naturalization record ANSWERS
10.2 Activity Reading an After 1906 naturalization record ANSWERS
10.3 Activity Answer

Lesson 11: U.S. Naturalization Records[edit | edit source]
Lesson 12: U.S. US Military Draft and Service Records[edit | edit source]

12.2 US Church Records Read Activity Answer Key

Lesson 13: Additional Websites[edit | edit source]

Advanced:[edit | edit source]

Lesson 14: U.S. Federal Census Records 1790-1840[edit | edit source]
Lesson 15: Latter-day Saint Records[edit | edit source]
Lesson 16: Advanced Military[edit | edit source]
Lesson 17: Additional Record Types[edit | edit source]
Lesson 18: Advanced Strategies[edit | edit source]