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The purpose of the Community Council is to promote and advocate the FamilySearch Research Wiki through some of the following:

• Serve as ambassadors for the Wiki.
• Make recommendations to FamilySearch for improving the wiki.
• Lead community committees and work on special projects.
• Support the FamilySearch Wiki Governance Council in plans to grow the Wiki community.

Responsibilities of Community Council Member
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• Serve as the voice of the Wiki community, acting as a liaison between FS and the community at large.
• Advisory board for determining expectations of moderators/adopters.
• Help keep the Wiki community and their committees advised of new programs/policies impacting Wiki.
• Organize and lead committees for any special projects they see as needed.
• Take escalation issues from the Mediation Committee.
• Determine disciplinary actions in relation to adopters/moderators, and contributors.
• Track and ensure correct processes are followed to either change existing policies or implement new policies/procedures that are escalated to the Wiki Governance Council.
• Whenever necessary, take any issues to the Wiki Governance Council.
• Two members of the Community Council will attend when possible the Wiki Governance Council meetings, including the council chair and another committee member determined by Community Council. They will be responsible for presenting material from and to FS in a clear, unbiased manner.
• At least one member from the Community Council to serve on the Mediation Committee.

[edit | edit source]

There are six Council members on the Community Council. All terms will be 2 year terms. Two council members, chosen by the Council, will also serve on the Wiki Governance Board.

A Council member will serve as the Council Chair in a term lasting for a period of 1 year. The Community Liaison/Council Chair does not vote except in the case of a tiebreaker.

The Community Council Selection Committee (comprised of 2 members of FamilySearch and 2 members from the CC) will put out a call for recommendations when a seat is being vacated. The Community Council Selection Committee will consider those people recommended, as well as community members they have identified, and then appoint new Council members.

If a Community Council member is vacates the council before the end of their official term, the Community Council Selection Committee will call for a special call for recommendations and will appoint a new member. [link to other page?]

FamilySearch employees will not be considered for a position on the Community Council.

Removal of Community Council member: Disciplinary action on the Wiki will result in an automatic termination of Council position.
Nominations of anyone who has been previously blocked or banned will not be accepted.

[edit | edit source]

The Council will meet virtually every week initially, and evaluate the frequency of meetings going forward. In addition, the Chair may call for a special meeting based on need, or at the request of FS.

Revised 10/30/2014