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Community Council Member Recommendations[edit | edit source]

When there is an opening on the council, the Community Council Selection Committee (comprised of 2 representatives from FamilySearch and 2 representatives from the current Council) may make a call for recommendations for that position.  All recommendations will be considered, but the final selection will be made by the Community Council Selection Committee.  Recommendations will only be received when the committee calls for them.  A call for recommendations may be made in anticipation of an event, and does not mean that a new member will definitely be seated on the council. 

Prior to making a recommendation, please review the criteria that has been been established for council members at Community Council/Potential Members.

After you have reviewed the criteria, if you wish to make a recommendation for the council, please use Community Council Recommendation Form.   The committee will acknowledge all recommendations.

Once a recommendation is received, a committee member will contact the person who has been recommended to determine their interest in the position, as well as to review expectations of a council member.   If the person does express the desire to fill the position, and can make a commitment after reviewing the expectations, that person's name will be moved forward.

The committee will anounce any new additions to the council within 30 days of the close of the call for recommendations.