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Introduce new members[edit | edit source]

Kudos go to ... [edit | edit source]

Updates and follow up[edit | edit source]

  • The page for discussions from this meeting that are unresolved is Community Discussions and Proposals.
  • Links to FamilySearch databases and digitized books. Can Wiki be forced to open a new tab. Steve looked at creating a template but it is more complicated than we thought. Links are not persistent links.
  • SEO testing is still ongoing. Nathan is getting necessary information for comparisons.

Community Council Report[edit | edit source]

Business/Announcements[edit | edit source]

Rootstech breakfast - 7:15 AM at Family History Library (back door, third floor break room). Thursday, March 21st. Details will be posted.

New Agenda Items[edit | edit source]

Priority items for this meeting:[edit | edit source]

  • Item:
  • News and Events
    • Other channels, blogs, Facebook better as sources
    • Council decided that the wiki should direct users to these better sources rather than add "news" content directly in the wiki
    • Next steps - recommend change to wiki policy and advise others via the FamilySearch Wiki:Contributors Meeting
  • Goal for this item: Remove the "News" box from locality pages, since they are not usually maintained and links would better serve the public.
  • Steps to achieve this goal:
  • Danielle could talk to Marilyn Markham about taking out the News & Events sections on the locality pages, by missionaries. They would have to know how to manage the templates.
  • Steve Cottrell could use the "replace text" function to expedite this process, especially for blank boxes.
  • Per David Dilts, this could be complicated.
  • Charles can check with foreign wiki managers to see if this would be a problem for them.
  • Danielle will talk to GSWAC and report back on their position on this change.
  • Assignments and dates of completion:
  • Evaluation date: 28 Feb. 2013

Be bold, post your agenda items!

Feel free to post on the agenda any items you wish to discuss during the meeting. If your item requires details or feedback, post them on the discussion page and link to them from the agenda. Possible topics include:
  • Moderator and Adopters
  • Style Guide Discussions
  • Project Help Requests
  • Training Requests
  • Improve the Wiki

Purpose of the meeting

Improve the Wiki

  • Forge solutions with other community contributors.
  • Share best practices, ideas, and content.
  • Discuss current issues, community matters, and strategies.
  • Move issues to decision.