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Welcome to the Wiki Contributors Meeting
Join the discussion, ask questions, and share
The Wiki currently has 93,535 articles in English

Join the meeting; 1 p.m. Mountain time on Thursdays. Click for sign in help.

  • You can join up to 10 minutes early. If you try to join the meeting at any other time, you will get an error that the meeting doesn't exist.

Welcome[edit | edit source]

Business/Announcements[edit | edit source]

  • Feedback Page
  • Potential Upgrade again in July
    • Include social sharing, spam process improved, latest version of the visual editor

Moderators and Adopters - Caleb[edit | edit source]

  • Program Changes
    • Orientation
    • One year renewal
    • Occasional Messages from Wiki Support
    • Adopt one page at a time
    • More to come

Wiki Content - Danielle[edit | edit source]

  • Wiki Project Updates
    • Upgrade Projects
    • County Project

International Wiki Updates - Nathan[edit | edit source]

  • Spanish Wiki Updates

Wiki Training - Nathan[edit | edit source]

  • Image Template Information
  • Linking to Images on FamilySearch

Group Discussion[edit | edit source]

Action Items[edit | edit source]

  • Caleb fix FamilySearch groups page bottom link. FamilySearch Groups - Done!
  • Are the Ark links permenant