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Style guideline proposal - A conversation on this issue is found on the discussion page. Once consensus is reached, a Manual of Style guideline will be added to this page.

FamilySearch being based in the United States uses American spelling when referring to the many Family History Centers around the world. However in Britain and many Commonwealth or former Commonwealth countries the term used is Family History Centres (see WP:SPELLING).

It is proposed that spelling in the English wiki should take account of local usage and that article titles and page content should use the form most commonly used in that country. This will mean that users local to the FHC will be able to search for them using the name by which they are known.

For non-English speaking countries the local form would be used in wiki for that language. In the English wiki they should be named Family History Center.

Following on with the same theme, rather than use the full official name, an article is more likely to be found by using a naming format along the lines of

Town/City State/Jurisdiction Family History Center

Example: Boulder Colorado Family History Center or Provo Utah Bonneville Family History Center