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When a request for an image or file upload is missing general information, the reviewer can use the following template to request the missing information.  This template can be adjusted to request the specific information that is needed.  It is not asking for licensing information.  Use the template for submissions missing licensing information or personal images, if those items are needed.

Dear ,

Thank you for submitting an image to the FamilySearch Wiki. Your image has been accepted and uploaded to the FamilySearch Wiki. It is located at (url for image).It is ready for you to insert into an article or portal page. For instructions on how to insert the uploaded image, please visit the following article located in the FamilySearch Wiki:

The Image Help article below will be helpful in understanding the wikitext coding required so the image and its caption will appear correctly in your article.

Please note that due to a problem in the FCK editor, any caption you enter will be removed every time you save the article or a section of the article. We suggest you get your article fully polished and then click on Edit for the whole page and add the captions to the images.

When you upload images in the future, please include the following information:

  1. The exact location (city/county/state/province/country) of where the image was taken OR the page that the image will be included on so that it can be categorized correctly
  2. Author - who took/created the image, or, if the image is from Wikipedia Commons, the link of the original image
  3. Source - where the image is from - e.g. a collection or project

Please add the above information to this image: (list needed information)

For this image, if you could go to the image and edit the page to add the above information, we would greatly appreciate it. If you're not sure how, let us know and we'll walk you through it. Here are two links that will help you do that:

Sincerely, FamilySearch

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