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In many of this wiki's county pages are sections on Populated Places. (See the Populated Places section of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.) Such a section might list all the townships, towns, and other places within a county. The idea is that each place on the list is a link to a page dealing with that town, township, etc.

These lists of populated places within a county will tend to become quite long over time. This is a problem for two reasons:

  1. It degrades the readability and flow of a county page.
  2. It will tend to bloat county pages over the 32k page size limit.

The idea proposed here is to replace these sections by using collapsible tables generated by templates which call the content from another page. (See the Places/Localities section of Baker County, Oregon or Wikipedia's Municipalities and communities section of Montgomery County, Maryland). Since the tables are collapsible, they won't ruin readability or flow of county pages. Since the table data is called from another page via a template, the data itself will not bloat the size of the page, which will help to keep page size below the 32k limit.

The template employed for this idea is Template:US county navigation box.

This was written by Ritcheymt as a scribe for Dsammy

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