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FamilySearch Wiki:Missionary Training Lessons

Do you have any questions about any of the earlier material?

We are now getting to the main Missionary work on the Support Team and are going to cover the way we do our work inside the Wiki. First we will show you how we review and approve the New Pages, the Talk pages and the Recent Pages. This is called patrolling.

Instructions for New pages[edit | edit source]

  • We first go to the work page for New Pages. Now Click on each page by clicking the Page title and review the page. Check out all new external links. If all appears fine mark as patrolled. If there is a question contact one of the team for help. Mark any concerns with any of the templates below.
  • These are the totally new pages and each entire page needs to be checked and each external link clicked into and checked.

Instructions for Recent Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The majority of our work are on the pages found on the Recent Changes page. This is the work page for Recent Changes After going to the Recent Chages page. Click on each page by clicking the diff at the far left and review the difference between the left(the old version) and the right(the new). If there is anything of question go down and look at it on the full page at the bottom.
  • Check out all new external links. If all appears fine mark as patrolled. If there is a question contact one of the team for help. Mark any concerns with any of the templates below.

Instructions for Talk Pages[edit | edit source]

  • Let us look at the work page for Talk Pages Do the same as Recent Changes to get in and review. Talk pages may be in both the New pages or Recent Changes.
  • If no question is found we just review the new material and if no problems are found mark patrolled.
  • If there is a question we answer it. If we don't or can't answer we put a "Helpme" template on the page just above the question.

Maintenance Templates[edit | edit source]

We go to the Maintenance Templates page to review the templates and their use.

  • Each template is used to identify a problem that needs to be solved. These templates link the page with a concern to a maintenance page that can be assigned to one of the team to work on and is reviewed by the team member who does the Weekly Maintenance Report.

  • All the "deletion" templates are used to inform an Administrator to remove a page from the wiki that is not useful or appropriate.
  • "Duplicate" can be used to mark duplicate files.
  • "In-use" and "Under-construction" are to indemnify a page being worked on or created.
  • "Outdated" is placed on pages with material that is not up to date.
  • "Pov" is used to Identify pages that have questionable neutrality.
  • "Non-english" and "Translation" are used on pages that are not in English
  • "Copyright" indicates a problem or question with the copyright of a page, section, image or link.
  • "Title" shows a problem with the understandability of the Title.
  • "Content" is used to show that the article has a problem with the content on the page being about a genealogical item. Example:Person genealogy is not appropriate in the FamilySearch Wiki.
  • "Merge" suggests that two pages need to be put into one,
  • "Move" is saying a page is in the wrong location within the Wiki. :*"Move Sandbox" All sandboxes have there own section in the Wiki and should begin with User: and have /sandbox/ in them. So when found in other location they can be marked to be moved.
  • "Protect" suggests that a page is so special it needs protection and will stay protected as long as a administrator does not remove the protect template.
  • "Source" indicates that on that article or section there are not sources, references or statements that can lead to how the fact was and can be found.
  • "Unresolved" shows there is a discussion going on and no decision has been made to solve the problem
  • "To Do" is a section of pages to be worked on by any member of the Team.
  • "Helpme" Is added to a Talk page with a question to be answered if the Team member can not answer the question.
  • "Helpme-helped" is placed on a talk page with a question after the question is answered.
  • "Records questions" are question that are on talk pages of historical record pages and this send the link to the page to the historical record team.

To Do as Scheduled[edit | edit source]

  • This is the list of work to be done and the order in which it is to be done.

Ask for Help[edit | edit source]

We are a team and we can call on anyone with questions. We need to assist each other in asking questions, answering them, checking work and working together on projects.

A Great Resource[edit | edit source]

Lee Drew is a former Team Lead for the Wiki Support Group. He created a GREAT sandbox in which he placed many of the items we use in the wiki and how to use them. You may not need these now but in the future you will be very glad to have it. Please do not edit this page.

Homework[edit | edit source]