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Green check.png This page explains a policy, a widely accepted standard that all contributors should normally follow.

Please visit the talk page to add comments or suggestions for further development of the policy.

A sandbox, named after a child's play area, is a place where users can practice editing and try out different options or work on different changes to articles before finalizing them to an actual page in the wiki proper.

As sandboxes are practice areas there are fewer rules and policies than other pages in the FamilySearch Wiki. For example, you don't have to follow the Manual of Style or reach community consensus before making a major change. However, it must not be used for malicious purposes, and policies such as no personal attacks, civility, and copyrights still apply.

Any article or page created in the main part of the wiki will be indexed and be returned in search results. For this reason sandboxes should not be created in the main article space but should be created in either the user namespace or project namespace.

Further information: FamilySearch Wiki:User Sandbox.

Sandboxes found to be in the main namespace should be flagged with the template {{move sandbox}}. This will add the sandbox to the category Category:Requested moves.

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