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Project Leader[edit | edit source]

Amber Larsen

Purpose[edit | edit source]

To enrich the Social Life and Customs pages for all country pages on the Wiki, providing background information to their family history in that location.

Google Sheet[edit | edit source]

1. Open the Google Sheet.

2. Navigate to the Wiki page for the respective Province page from the Google Sheet.

  • Example: search the Wiki for "Ancona" (Ancona province), and there should only be one result for a Italy page called Ancona.
  • You can also access these pages from the Italy main page.

3. Under the "History" heading on the page, add another level 2 heading for:

==Municipalities in PROVINCE NAME==
  • Replace "PROVINCE NAME" with the name of the province.

4. Back on the Google Sheet, Copy the content in the Municipality column for your Province, and Paste it under the new heading created in step 3.

5. Save the page.

Example Pages[edit | edit source]

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy Genealogy
Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy Genealogy