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Current Projects page Gotoarrow.png Adding County Court Clerk Information to Georgia Pages

Purpose:[edit | edit source]

Add contact information for all of the record keeping official's offices in Georgia.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Jane Colmenares

Task Page[edit | edit source]

Task Page

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1.  Go to the Task Page sign out a group of counties in Georgia to work on.

2.  Go to the Georgia page and use the list of county pages provided there to navigate to the county you are going to work on.

3.  In each case, you will be adding the contact information for two officials for each county: Superior Court Clerk and the Probate Court. Appling County has been completed as an example for you to follow.   

Add Superior Court Clerk Information[edit | edit source]

4.  Find the Superior Court Clerk address here.  On the website, click on the County List option to give you a full listing of information by county.


Once you pull up the county list, highlight the name of the county you want and click on the round blue "go" button on the buttom right.  This will pull up the information for the county.


We only want the contact information for the clerk's office.  We do not want the name of the clerk as this will change over time.  

5.  Go to the county page you are working on and go to the heading, County Courthouse near the top of the page.  Click on the edit box and go to "wikitext" to edit the page.


6.  You will see a paragraph that says something similar to ...

"Records begin 1879, some 1859; Probate Court has birth, marriage, death and burial records. Clerk of Superior Court has divorce, probate and court records[1]"

Directly under this paragraph enter the following information for the Clerk of Superior Court's office for that county using the following instructions.

  • Superior Court Clerk
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail (if available and appropriate)
  • Website (if available)

Use this example to help you:

7.   Add name of clerk's office: Add "Superior Court Clerk" and bold it by using three apostrophes before and after it. Also add a <br> at the end.

Example in wikitext:

'''Superior Court Clerk'''<br>

8.   Add Address: Immediately after the clerk's office title, add the street address and zipcode and add a <br> at the end.

Example in wikitext:

1234 Main Street<br>Prattville, Georgia 36068-0668<br>

9.   Add Telephone: If there is a telephone number, add it after the address along with a <br> using the example below.

Example in wikitext:

Telephone: 310-555-2929<br>

10.   Add E-mail: If there is an email address listed, do not put it in if the address includes the name of the clerk. If it is a general email address, for the clerk's office, you can add it. The e-mail address goes directly after the telephone number. Make the e-mail address into a clickable link using the following wiki text.

Example of correct link for e-mail address in wikitext:

E-mail: []<br>

11.   Add Website: If there is a website listed, click on it to make sure it works. If it does, copy the URL link including the "http://". List the URL after the address and e-mail address on the page. Use the example to help you enter the URL for the society. Example of correct URL link in wikitext:

[ Website]

12. Now put the whole string together leaving no spaces between each piece of information as shown in this example:

'''Superior Court Clerk'''<br>1234 Main Street<br>Prattville, Georgia 36068-0668<br>Telephone: 310-555-2929<br>E-mail: []<br>[ Website]<br>

Add Probate Court Clerk Information[edit | edit source]

13.   You will then need to enter the information for the Probate Court.  You will find that information here.    Once you pull up the page, use the drop down menu on the right side of the page in the GRAY SHADED AREA to find the county you are working on.


14.  Add the following

  • Probate Court of (list name of county)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail (if available and appropriate)
  • Website (if available)

Again, we do not use the person's name, only the contact information as shown in the example above. Use instructions in number 7 to 12 to add the appropriate information to the county page below the Superior Court information. Remember, only add an e-mail address if it is a general e-mail address (not containing the individual's name in the email address).

Save the Page[edit | edit source]

15.  Once you have entered the two addresses, drop down to the Edit Summary Box and enter, added clerk information in the box and save your work.

16.   After you have saved your work, look over the County Courthouse section on the wiki page and be sure the page looks like you would expect it to.  If the information that you entered looks ok, you are ready to move on to your next county.

17. Once you have finished all of your counties, return to the task page and enter the date you completed the task.