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Purpose[edit | edit source]

To change The Joiner Marriage Index (JOINER) years in every table to correspond with each parish.

Website[edit | edit source]

The Joiner Marriage Index - gives the years of every parish found in the Joiner Index. Click on a county.

Task List[edit | edit source]

County Spreadsheet
Durham Parish List
Gloucestershire Parish List
Hertfordshire Parish List
Leicestershire Parish List
Lincolnshire Parish List
Norfolk Parish List
Northamptonshire Parish List
Northumberland Parish List
Nottinghamshire Parish List
Shropshire Parish List
Surrey Parish List
Warwickshire Parish List
Westmorland Parish List
Yorkshire East Riding Parish List
Yorkshire North Riding Parish List

Instructions[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Make sure the PARISH LIST in PART 6 JOINER, to ensure the information is being recorded for the right part of this project.

1. Choose a county to work in and click on the corresponding Parish List. Go to a parish page. Find the "Church records" heading and click on "Edit source" next to it.

2. Scroll down to this part of the code:
Tgen 10.png

3. Go to Coverage of the Joiner Marriage index. Click on the county you are working on. Here is what the page will look like:
Joiner 1.png

4. Find your parish in the list.
Joiner 2.png

5. Go to the code and change the years to match what it says in the table.
For example: the parish of Alderley has marriage records from 1599-1837.
| bgcolor="#ffffcc" | '''JOIN''' 
| bgcolor="#ffcccc" | <br> 
| bgcolor="#ffcccc" | <br> 
| bgcolor="#ccffcc" | [ '''1599-1837''']
| bgcolor="#ccffcc" | <br> 
| bgcolor="#ccffff" | <br> 
| bgcolor="#ccffff" | <br>

6. Put "Changing JOIN years" in the Summary box and then click "Save page."