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Current Projects page Gotoarrow.png Linking Record Finders

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this project is add links to applicable wiki articles on the Record Selection tables currently in the wiki. There are four parts in this project: Add lines to the table, change the table headings, add a category, and make a link to each topic on the table.

Project Contact[edit | edit source]

Jane Colmenares

Task List[edit | edit source]

Task List

Project Instructions[edit | edit source]

Video Instructions for project

Part 1 - Add lines to the table[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the Task List and sign up for a record selection table that needs to be fixed.

2. Go to the record selection table you signed up for by using the link on the task page.

3. Edit the record selection table wiki page and go to wikitext.

4. Near the top of the page, find the wikitext code that begins with the following:


  • Example: The wikitext that may be listed may look like or be a variation of the following:

{| width="742" class="vertical listing FCK__ShowTableBorders"

5. Once you find the wikitext code, replace the whole line including, {| and any additional wikitext with:

{| width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" border="1" bgcolor="#F0F0F0"

6. Once you have replaced the wikitext, go to the next step below.

Part 2 - Change Column Headings[edit | edit source]

1. While still in wikitext, look for the following wikitext code:

Look here first.jpg

2. Copy the following and paste the three lines of wikitext code replacing what was listed in number 1.

| align="left" width="30%" bgcolor="#CFF3FF" | '''What you are looking for:'''
| align="left" width="35%" bgcolor="#CFF3FF" | '''Try these records first:'''
| align="left" width="35%" bgcolor="#CFF3FF" | '''Other useful records:'''

3. The top 4 lines of your chart should now look like this:

Rst top.jpg

4. Go to the Summary field at the bottom of the page and add the phrase: Added lines and headings.

5. Now check your work to see if the changes were done properly. The top line of your record selection table should look like the Scotland Record Finder wiki page. If it does not look correct, go back to the instructions and make any necessary adjustments.

Part 3 - Add category[edit | edit source]

1. Edit the page and go to wikitext.

2. Copy the following wikitext:

[[Category:Record Finders]]

3. While still in wikitext, go to the very bottom of the page and check to see if the wikitext code is already listed.

4. If the wikitext code is already listed, go to Part 3.

5. If it is not listed at the bottom of the page, paste the wikitext you copied in number 1 above.

6. Go to the Summary field at the bottom of the page and add the phrase: Added category.

7. Now check your work to see if the category is listed. If the category is not linked blue, check the instructions and make any necessary adjustments.

8. Go to Part 4 below.

Part 4 - Add Links to Topics[edit | edit source]

1. You will need to link to each topic listed in the table to the corresponding topic page. To do so, you must check the country/state page to see what the titles are of each topic page. Open the country/state page in a new tab by going to the top of the Record Finder page you are working on and right clicking on the wiki link and choosing the option: Open link in new tab.

2. Going back to the record selection table you are working on, edit the page and remain in Rich Text Editor. (do not go to wikitext!)

3. Find the first topic on the table. If the topic is, "census," go to the tab for the country or state and find the topic list on the left side of the page. Hover over the topic, "census" and the name of the wiki page will appear. Note the name of the page. For the Scotland page, the topic link for census is "Scotland Census."

4. Go back to the tab containing your record selection table. Highlight the topic you checked and go to the edit bar at the top and click on the link icon FCKlink.png

5. The Link dialogue box will appear. Type in Link field, the title of the topic wiki page exactly as it appeared when you hovered over the link and click, Ok. The link has now been created.

6. Now go to each topic listed on the table and link each to the correct topic wiki page.


  • If the topic page does not exist on the country/state page, skip the topic and do not link anything to it. DO NOT CREATE RED LINKS.
  • If the topic is already linked, check to make sure it is going to the right wiki page. If it is, go to the next topic.
  • Save your work as you go so you will not lose your work. It is suggested to save the page after linking 10 topics.

7. Once you have linked all the pages, go to the Summary field at the bottom of the page and add, Added links. Then save the page. Use this same summary for each time you save the page.

8. After you have linked all the topics and saved the page, review your work by checking the table to see if they are all blue links. If there is a red link, edit the table and check the link to make sure the correct title is listed.

9. A good example of a completed record selection table is: Scotland Record Finder