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Current Wiki Projects Gotoarrow.png New Hampshire Town Clerk Information

PURPOSE[edit | edit source]

Adding Town Clerk information to New Hampshire town pages.

CONTACT[edit | edit source]

Jane Colmenares

Task Page[edit | edit source]

Task List

INSTRUCTIONS[edit | edit source]

Video recording of project instructions.

1. Go to the New Hampshire Town Clerk Task List and choose a county. Put your name on the list for that county.

2. When you go to that county page on the wiki, you will find a listing for all of the towns in that county. This town listing is what you will work from to find the information you will need to enter onto the wiki pages.

3. Click on your first town name which will take you to that page in the wiki.  Make sure there is not already information for the Town Clerk on the page. It should be located near the top of the page (around Town Hall if that heading is present). If not, go on to Step 4.

4.  Using New Hampshire Government website, find the information for the town you are working on.

5. If there is already a heading of Town Clerk, you will place this information under that heading. If there is not a Town Clerk heading you will need to create one just above the first heading (which is usually, Brief History) Please note that some towns list their contact information as "Town Office." This is the contact information for the Town Clerk that you will use.  


To add the heading Town Clerk, open the edit screen and place your cursor just above the heading, Brief History. Type in the words "Town Clerk." Highlight those words and go up to the Format font section and choose Heading 3. This will change the words Town Clerk into a heading.

Town clerk heading.jpg

Then hit return again, change the Format Font back to normal and enter the name of the town and "Town Clerk." Example: "Albany Town Clerk."

6. Add the address directly under the town clerk name found under "Mailing address:" on the website page. If needed, change the copied address from all uppercase letters to upper and lower case as appropriate.

NOTE: You can also add the address in Wikitext, click on the "Wikitext" button on the Edit menu at the top of the page. Paste the address onto the wiki page. After the first line of the address, add <br>. The hit the "delete" key to bring up the next line of the address to be directly behind the <br> you added. Add another <br> after the line and again, hit the "delete" key on your keyboard. That will bring the last address line up to the same line. Again, add a <br>. The Wikitext should look like this:

Berlin City Clerk<br>168 Main Street<br>Berlin, NH 03570<br>

7. There is sometimes a website for the town clerk listed at the very bottom of the page under the heading, "For additional information about Dover, try." It is usually the first bullet. Click on the website to see if it works and goes to the official town page.

8. If the website works, add the word "Website" underneath the address on the wiki page.

9. To add the website link, highlight the word "Website" and click on the Link button FCKlink.png on the edit bar. Paste in the website link in the "Link" field and click "ok."

10. If the website does not work, you can try to search Google for the correct town clerk page. Try using the keywords with the name of the town: "town clerk New Hampshire." For example, if you are looking for the Keene town clerk, Google the words, "Keene town clerk New Hampshire." If you find the official town clerk page, use the website URL. If you can't find one, leave off the word Website and go to step 11 to complete the task.

11. Enter “added town clerk info” in the edit summary box and save your work.

12. Check the page to make sure your work looks the way you think it should and you are ready to move on to the next town. Repeat the above steps above for each town.  (see example below)

NH Town Clerk example.jpg

13. Once you have completed an entire county, go back to the Task List and enter the completed date.