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South Dakota Project PageGotoarrow.png South Dakota Land and Property

1. Copy and paste the following under the Land and Property section.

''Online Land Records''

*[ Land Patent Search] - index to federal patents and homesteads on the [ Bureau of Land Management] website, some images available
*'''1796 - 1907''' - [ U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907] at [ Ancestry] - index, info taken from Bureau of Land Management website<br>
*'''1861 - 1936''' - [ U.S. Homestead Records 1861-1936] at [] - ($), index and images

2. Once you have pasted, go to the edit summary box and enter Added Land Records in the box and then save your work.

3. Check your work to be sure it looks appropriate.

4. You are now ready to go to the next county