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Current Projects page Gotoarrow.png Fixing Beginning Dates for County Records Table

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this project is to make sure each link works on the Beginning Dates table found on the county page and to fix any links that do not work.

Contact[edit | edit source]

Jane Colmenares

Tasks Page[edit | edit source]

Task Page

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Video Instructions for project Starts at 17:50.

1. Go to the Task Page and sign out a state.

2. Go to the state you chose and use the list of county pages provided on the state page to visit each county.

3. In each county you will be checking the links found in the Beginning Dates of County Records table found at the top of the county page.

Wiki 2.jpg

4. Go to the table and click on each link to see if they work. Each link should go to the heading listed lower on the page. For example, if you click on the Birth link on the table, it should jump down to the heading Birth down at the bottom of the page under Vital Records.

Be sure to check:

  • Make sure the link goes to the correct heading! The Birth link may actually go to the Census heading.
  • Make sure the link is still in the same county and the link doesn’t go to another one.

5. If the link works, go to the next link to see if it works, and so on. If all the links in the table work, move on to the next county.


6. If there is a broken or incorrect link, fix the link using the following directions:

7. Go to the table on the page and click on the Edit button to the right of the heading containing the table.

8. Go to wikitext to examine the links in the table.

9. Determine why the link is broken by examining the link to see if the code is correct. For instance, in this example the link for the Birth records is: [[Adams County, Indiana#Birth|Birth]]. However, when you go to the bottom of the county page you will see that the correct heading is really: Adams County, Indiana#Birth Records. Add the word "Records" to the link and save the page.

Wiki 1.jpg

10. If the link goes to the wrong heading on the page, replace the correct word after the “#.”

11. Once you have fixed all the links in the table, go to the bottom of the page and add the following in the edit summary box: “Fixed broken links.”

12. Save the page.

13. Double check the link you fixed by clicking on the previously broken link in the table to make sure it works.

14. Once you have checked and fixed all the links in the Beginning Dates for County Records Table in each county of the state, go back to the task list and enter the completed date next to your name.