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Project Leader[edit | edit source]

Taylor Huguely

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this project is to update the societies information on the U.S. county pages.

Task List[edit | edit source]

Task List

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the task list page. Click on the edit source button at the top of the page. Place your name in the name column next to the state that you are going to be checking.

  2. Click on the link to your state's task list. Place your name next to the county that you want to edit. Click on the link to take you to the county page.

  3. Look for the word societies in the table of contents. Click on that.

  4. Societies in the table of contents.png

  5. We want to make sure that the societies that are currently on the page are up to date and accurate. To check if the information is accurate, start by clicking on the link to each society's website.

  6. If the link does not take you to the society's website, go to Google. Search for the society's name to see if the society is still in existence. For instance, I searched for Autauga County Heritage Association to see if I could find a new link for that society.

  7. Autauga County Heritage Association google search.png

  8. If you find a new website go to that. Check on the website to make sure that none of the contact information has changed since it's been put on the wiki. Many websites will have either have separate a Contact Us section or their contact information in the margins of their home page.

  9. Click on the edit source button next to the heading. Update the website and any other information that has changed since it was put in the wiki.

  10. If you can't find any trace of the society in your google search, just delete it from the code.

  11. After you have checked all the existing societies on the wiki page, go back to Google. Put the following in the search bar: COUNTY STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY but replace county and state with the names of the county and state that you are working on. You will also want to do a search for: COUNTY STATE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY to make sure you locate all relevant societies regarding genealogy.

  12. If you find a new society on the first page of results, go to that web page. Look for the following information on the website: address, phone number, email, and website. Enter information in the following format:

  13. '''Name of Society'''<br>Street Address<br>Town, State<br>Phone Number<br>E-mail: [mailto:emailofsociety emailofsociety]<br>[URL Website]

  14. Click show preview to make sure that you entered all your information correctly in the templates. They should look like the following:

  15. Societies finished.png

  16. Once you have finished entering all the information, write updating societies in the summary box and save the page.

  17. Go back to the spreadsheet and place the date you finished the page next to the county. Move onto the next county and repeat the process.

  18. Once you have finished all the counties in the state change the status of the state on the main task list from Active to Complete