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Welcome to Wiki training for new users  There are three main reasons people come to the Wiki. People use the Wiki when doing genealogical research. Others come to add content to the Wiki. Still others are volunteers, assigned to monitor and make corrections to the Wiki. As a Wiki user, you too can do research, make contributions or volunteer to maintain and grow the Wiki. These lessons are designed to help you learn how to navigate and use the Wiki for your own personal genealogical research. You will gain more from these lessons if you will take the time to do the exercises on your computer. Good luck with your research.

Lesson One      

  1. What is the Wiki
  2. How do I access the Wiki
  3. Case studies to show step by step process
  4. Wiki tools
  5. Watch pages
  6. The research process. 

Lesson Two     

  1. How to organize your search
  2. Records selection table - helps you decide what type of records to look for.
  3. How to use the research and tracking tools.
  4. United States page
  5. State Pages
  6. County Pages

Lesson Three

  1. Other Countries
  2. England Pages
  3. Mexico Pages
  4. German Pages
  5. Military Records

Lesson Four

  1. Wiki Tools
  2. Notification of Changes
  3. Categories
  4. Talk Pages
  5. Navigation Bar
  6. Volunteer and Helper
  7. Sandbox
  8. Persopnal Tools
  9. User Page
  10. My Preferences

Lesson Five

  1. How to make simple changes to a Wiki page.
  2. External/Internal links.
  3. Reversing corrections you have made (undo)
  4. Wikitext
  5. Missionary Preparation Lessons
  6. Missionary Lessons