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This project page was changed 5 June 2014

Comments/suggestions[edit source]

Comments entered prior to the changed page format[edit source]

Why are we being required to provide our phone number in order to become or continue as a moderator?  I find that extremely invasive.Wjhonson 23:39, 18 April 2012 (UTC)

There was no intent to invade your privacy in any way.  You certainly don't have to provide your phone number to continue as a moderator.  The hope was that it would be easier to contact you about changes that might affect moderators, more quickly and easily, since we don't have e-mail addresses for some of the moderators.  We appreciate the efforts of all the moderators and apologize if you have been offended in any way. Lynda 14:22, 19 April 2012 (UTC)

I strongly disagree.  The application does not state that you do not have to provide your phone number. It should not even be asking for a phone number. Calling people instead of emailing them is not faster, it's slower.  It's not easier, it's harder.  My email address is prominently displayed on my user page as it always has been.  I can also be automatically emailed through the wiki, which setting has always been on for me.  Who is the person who suggested this should be a part of the process?  If we are a *team* then the *team* should decide on that process, not one person making rules for all to follow.  This application should be tossed out, and submit for review to all members, not enjoined upon them.Wjhonson

Hi - I would like to be an editor for some of the Mexico wiki's, but I was told by a Church service missionary that was not possible.  I was also told by a Church service missionary I could not add to the wiki but only to the Talk pages of wiki's, and then an editor would review any research notes for inclusion to the wiki.  I would love to help as an editor, if possible.  Terra

Terra, help is always welcome! And easy to do - just sign in at the top right of the page. Use your FamilySearch or Church account and you're an editor. Right now there are technical issues with the wiki that mean you MUST use only Firefox to edit - not Chrome nor Internet Explorer. Those issues should be fixed by this summer, but for now be careful. Yes, any changes that you make will be reviewed - that's part of our wiki support duties and it is how I saw this message of yours - reviewing the changes on this page.

If possible, come to a wiki contributors meeting Thursday at 1 pm Mountain Time. If you don't have WebEx installed (it's free) you can just call in - the phone number is on this page: Looking forward to seeing you there! Diana47judy 21:35, 16 March 2014 (UTC)