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Clicking on any of the links below will take you directly to the front page of the item.  There you will have the choice of playing or downloading the video.  You also have the option of being able to view (in some cases) actual transcripts of the talk.

From crime to punishment: criminal records of our ancestors from the 18th and 19th centuries 

Heralds and heraldry at The National Archives

Family history resources at The National Archives (in London, given 1/14 by FHC dir in same building UK search helps in WIKI -everyone needs to use their film to get a copy of ancestor's will)

Sources for tracing agricultural labourers

In the High Court of Justice

Broadmoor Revealed: the Victorian Asylum

Journeys of discovery: Surgeons at sea

Naval medical officers' journals and the history of medicine

The London Gazette - not just the brave and the bankrupt

Royal Hospital Chelsea: Soldiers' service documents

Credit crunch histories: records of bankrupts in The National Archives

Freedom fighters: sources for black loyalists at The National Archives

Tourists and booking clerks - information for family historians in the Thomas Cook Archives

Identity and identity theft

Tracing marriages in 18th century England and Wales: a reassessment of law and practice

Dependence, intolerance and expulsion: the story of the Jews in England, 1066-1290

Counting the people

Tracing ancestors in Nelson's Navy

New Britons - Immigration to the United Kingdom

Shop workers: tracing your retail ancestors

Education in 1911

Transportation to Australia

The Metropolitan Police: its creation and records of service

Apprenticeship records for family historians

An introduction to sources for Anglican clergymen

Civilian honours and awards


The final balance: researching families and wealth in the 19th century using the death duty records

Dr Williams' Library: an early birth registry

Royal Naval medals: an introduction

Researching the British Empire and Commonwealth

Burial clubs - the unfriendly societies

Every journey has two ends: using passenger lists

Naturalisation and alien registration

Finding company records

Locality, land and livelihood: sources for early local history

Tracing your ancestors: a case study featuring the Darwin family

Tracing Scottish ancestors

Royal Air Force service records

Irish Land Records

Irish land records - British Sign Language video

Civil registration and beyond

Civil registration and beyond - British Sign Language Video

The Manorial Documents Register

The Manorial Documents Register - British Sign Language Video

Child emigration to Canada

Child emigration to Canada - BSL Sign Language Video

Merchant Navy operational records

The parish: administration and records

The parish: administration and records - British Sign Language video

Customs and Excise service records

Victorian women prisoners

Railway staff records

Introduction to Family History - British Sign Language video

Scandals in the family

Divorce records after 1858

The 'Fleet Registers' or irregular marriage registers of 17th and 18th century London

The annual Ancestors Lecture: our 17th century ancestors

Tracing World War One ancestors

Solving census problems

Emigration records

Criminal ancestors: trial records at The National Archives

Tracing pre-1914 army ancestors

Royal Navy service records

Closing the last day: death, memory and landholding in the Inquisitions Post-Mortem, 1216 - 1660

Sources for army officers' commissions

Modern sources for immigration - part 1

Modern sources for immigration - part 2

Army deaths, marriages and births 1761-1913

Sex, lies and civil registration

In the name of God, Amen: wills for family history

Sources for First World War army ancestry

Tracing your Irish ancestors at The National Archives

Medieval criminals and the law

What at first was plunder: tracing records of excisemen

Workhouse records for family historians

Tracing births and deaths at sea

Creating a legacy from your family history