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Numerous resources are available on the Internet for learning about family history research. The training on FamilySearch Wiki will help you become familiar with the records available for specific localities. The following articles will link to other topics and Internet sites that provide training on family history research:

Brigham Young University Online Courses[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction to Family History This course will cover initial organization of information, using forms to make sense of data, understanding the basic research process, cover identifying gaps in your information, deciding which gaps to research and developing a research objectives, efficient researching skills (keeping logs, using a systematic approach, writing everything down), identifying a strategy to accomplish the research objective (choosing a source), obtaining and searching the source, evaluating results (analysis of evidence), recording new information, and sharing new information with others.
  • Helping Children Love Your Family History Instruction on finding "stories" about your ancestors, where to gather information, recording your family history, bringing family history to life and where to begin.
  • Ancestors Training at BYU Broadcasting   This is a companion training site to the PBS family history and genealogy television series. It features video clips from the series.

Family History Training on Other Sites[edit | edit source]

Genealogy Research Associates[edit | edit source]

Links to introductory courses on family history research and procedures. The training was developed by the Genealogy Research Associates.

How to Articles[edit | edit source]

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