Family History for the Flummoxed

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The Collins online dictionary definition:
flummoxed (ˈflʌməkst), adjective meaning perplexed or bewildered
Synonyms include baffled, confused, puzzled, stumped, at sea, at a loss, mystified, stymied

This page and the links that go with it have been created for those have a desire to create or extend their family history, but who are uncertain as to how to proceed. Things leading to being "flummoxed" may include:

  1. Being a beginner.
  2. Not finding family records for a particular time and place.
  3. Lacking a method or plan to move ahead with your family's history.

Our hope here is to ask you a few questions that will both help you to move ahead and to enjoy the journey. Which of the following represents your primary interest in Family History:

  1. Curiosity about what I might find.
  2. Interest in a particular family name (surname).
  3. Find a family crest and/or heraldry.
  4. Extend one or more specific family lines.
  5. Leave a Family History legacy for my descendants.

Please just click on one of the above to start your journey. By the way, you can always return here and pick a different option.