Finding the Registries on Antenati

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Step 1: Go to Antenati's website, and click on "Find the Registries."
Antenati Find the Registries.PNG

Step 2: In the "Place" field, type the name of the town your ancestor lived in.
(If you do not know the town your ancestor lived in, type the name of the province.)
Antenati Find the Registries - Browse.PNG

Step 3: Under the "Collections" dropdown, select the desired type of record. Then click "Search".

(Censimento = census, Indici Alfabetici = alphabetic indexes)

Antenati Browse collections dropdown.PNG

Step 4: To view the records, click the blue "Apri" on the left of the search results.

Note: Do not try to change the language to English, or it will leave the search results page and take you back to the main Antenati page.

Antenati Search results.PNG

Step 5: After clicking "Apri", you will often be directed to select the year(s) of the records you'd like to see. Click on the desired year to see the images.
Antenati births example.PNG