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What Records Are Available on findmypast?[edit | edit source]

Primary Collections[edit | edit source]

The most significant collections are listed below.

Census Collection of England, Wales and Channel Islands (1841 to 1911)[edit | edit source]

  • 1841 England and Wales (full transcript plus images)
  • 1851 England and Wales (full transcript* plus high-reolution images)
  • 1861 England and Wales (full transcript plus images)
  • 1871 England and Wales (transcript plus images)
  • 1881 England and Wales (full transcript (free) plus high-resolution images)
  • 1891 England and Wales (full transcript plus high-resolution images)
  • 1901 England and Wales (full transcript plus high-resolution images)
  • 1911 England and Wales ( full transcript plus full-colour high-resolution images)    
Understanding the Collection:
[edit | edit source]

The indexes at findmypast are based on exactly what was written in the census regardless whether it is right. Every census year is searchable except the 1871 census is not searchable by birthplace.  Corrections can be submitted; however,  they will not make a change if it does not reflect exactly what is written in the census, even for simple spelling errors of names or place names.  When searching the census you should be aware of this.  Refer to the census wiki article for details about the census.

Census Collection of Scotland
[edit | edit source]

  • 1841 Scotland (transcript)
  • 1851 Scotland (transcript)
  • 1861 Scotland (transcript)
  • 1871 Scotland (transcript)
  • 1881 Scotland (transcript)
  • 1891 Scotland (transcript)
  • 1901 Scotland (transcript)

Birth, Marriage and Death Index (primarily 1837 to 2006)[edit | edit source]

  • Births, Domestic (1837 to 2005)
  • Births, British Overseas (1761 to 2005)
  • Births, At Sea (1854 to 1887)
  • Baptisms (see also Parish Record Collections)
  • Marriages, Domestic (1837 to 2005)
  • Marriages, British Overseas (1761 to 2005)
  • Marriages, At Sea (1854 to 1883)
  • Marriages (see also Parish Record Collections) 
  • Divorces and Matrimonial Causes (1858 to 1903)
  • Deaths, Domestic (1837 to 2005)
  • Deaths, British Overseas (1761 to 1994)
  • Deaths, At Sea (1854 to 1890)
  • Deaths, Military (1914 to 1919, 1939 to 1945)
  • Burials (see also Parish Record Collections)

BT27 Outgoing Passenger Lists[edit | edit source]

  • Records of ticket-holding passengers embarking or transiting through the UK on long-distance voyages between 1890 and 1960.
  • Records of individuals or groups of people leaving for destinations including Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa and USA featuring ports such as Boston, Philadelphia and New York.
  • Passengers include not only immigrants and emigrants, but also businessmen, diplomats and tourists.
  • Images of the passenger lists are available to download, view, save and print.

Electoral Rolls (Living Relative Search)[edit | edit source]

  • Find living relatives in the United Kingdom.
  • Living Relatives search includes the latest electoral roll information.
  • Telephone data is updated monthly as well as historical director information.

History[edit | edit source]

Formerly named, findmypast were the first to put the birth, marriage and death records of England and Wales online, for the purpose of allowing public access to the indexes. Previously, the indexes were only available to search at certain locations in England. This achievement garnered the prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation in 2007. was acquired by brightsolid (formerly Scotland Online) in December 2007 as part of their vision to develop a world class family history resource.

Searching is free on, as is building an online family tree with the innovative Family Tree Explorer software. To view the records you will need to purchase credits, either by buying PayAsYouGo credits or a subscription option.

Since our launch has expanded markedly from just birth, marriage and death records to now include the 1841 through 1911 censuses for England and Wales, an extensive collection of military records, a number of occupations directories and an electoral roll search.

In November 2006, in association with The National Archives, launched Ancestorsonboard contains exclusive, full-colour Passenger Lists for all ships leaving the UK from 1890-1960. These records were previously available only from the National Archives at Kew, London, and weren't indexed, meaning that searching them was notoriously difficult.

In January 2009, in association with The National Archives, launched is the home of the official release of the 1911 Census of England of Wales, two years ahead of schedule.

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