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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Foulridge (pronounced "foalridge") is a small village and civil parish in Pendle, Lancashire, close to the border with North Yorkshire in England. It is situated just beyond Colne, on the route from the M65 to Skipton, and is an important stopping point on summit pound of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, just before it enters the Foulridge Tunnel. Noyna Hill, a well known local landmark, sits 1 mile  east of the village.

Foulridge village, Burnley Lancashire.jpg

[edit | edit source]

Foulridge has been part of Lancashire since the Middle Ages and was about 1.5 miles ) from the boundary of the old West Riding of Yorkshire. With the creation of the Borough of Pendle in 1974 parts of Yorkshire, including Earby and Barnoldswick, were transferred to Lancashire.
There is an old village sign which used to mark the boundary with Yorkshire which has been affixed to the Village Hall in the centre of Foulridge. There is a large reservoir in the village which feeds the canal and which in turn is fed from other smaller reservoirs around the village.

[edit | edit source]

Foulbridge has a canalside pub  called the "Anchor". When a road and bridge were built outside it needed an additional storey . The original upstairs of the old pub is now the present pub, the original pub is now the cellar and it has a second cellar, which has water leaking through from the canal and this seepage forms stalactites and stalagmites.

Poor Law Unions
[edit | edit source]

Burnley Poor Law Union,Lancashire