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History[edit | edit source]

A French expedition was sent to explore the Cayenne River in 1604. For the next 70 years the French operated trading companies and established settlements. In 1664 the city of Cayenne was permanently established and in 1674 was placed under direct French control. Portuguese and British forces occupied French Guiana for five years during the Napoleonic Wars. In 1946 French Guiana became an Overseas Department of France.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

1763 - The first French effort to colonize Guiana, failed as settlers were subject to high mortality given the numerous tropical diseases and harsh climate and all but 2,000 of the initial 12,000 settlers died
1809 -1814 A Portuguese-British naval squadron took French Guiana for the Portuguese Empire but it was returned to France with the signing of the Treaty of Paris
1852 - 1953 During operations as a penal colony beginning in the mid-19th century, France transported approximately 56,000 prisoners to Devil's Island
1930 - 1946 The territory of Inini consisted of most of the interior of French Guiana when it was created and was abolished in 1946, the year that French Guiana as a whole was formally established as an overseas department of France
1950 - 1970 Following the French withdrawal from Vietnam and warfare conducted in the region by the United States, France helped resettle thousands of Hmong refugees from Laos to French Guiana
2010 - In a referendum French Guianans voted against autonomy

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