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Known Issues[edit | edit source]

Question 1[edit | edit source]

Question 1: I get a message “Image not Available” for some of the records. Where can these missing records be found?
Answer 1: FamilySearch has limited rights, granted by the record custodians, to publish images from the Germany, Hessen, Civil Registration, 1874-1927 collection for viewing online. Images for this collection are only available for viewing to members of the sponsoring organization (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), and at FamilySearch Centers. It is important to check with your FamilySearch Center before your visit, to verify that the center is equipped with the capability to view these restricted images on

If you have an LDS account and are not able to view images after signing in, it may be due to a registration problem, not an image access problem. Please call 1-866-406-1830 in the United States, or contact Please include a brief description of the problem and steps taken thus far to resolve the issue.

Question 2[edit | edit source]

Question 2: Sometimes I get a message “Image not Available” for some of the records even when I am signed in. How can I view these records?
Answer 2: Whenever possible, FamilySearch makes images available for all users. However, ultimate rights to view images on our website are granted by the record custodians. German Data Privacy rules prohibit viewing the records unless they meet the following criteria: All birth images must be 110 years or older; all marriage images must be 75 years or older, and all death images must be 60 years or older.
If any record on a digital folder contains birth records from the last 110 years, for example, the entire digital folder is restricted.

The Historical Records collections will be updated each year to show new unrestricted records. FamilySearch respects and strives to adhere to all privacy laws respective to preserving and providing access to genealogical records in its collection.

Question 3[edit | edit source]

Question 3: When searching this collection for 906. Groß Gerau, Landkreis there are a number of missing and/or mislabeled records. How may I find the correct records?
Answer 3: Please see list below:

  • 34. Wallerstädten > Geburten (births) > 553. Geburtsnebenregister 1876-1884 really contains 35. Wolfskehlen > Geburten (births) > Geburtsnebenregister 553. 1885-1893 and 35. Wolfskehlen > Geburten (births) > Geburtsnebenregister 554. 1885-1893.
  • 34. Wallerstädten > Geburten (births) > 567. Geburtsnebenregister 1876-1884 also contains 36. Worfelden > Geburten (births) > 567. Geburtsnebenregister 1885-1893.
  • 34. Wallerstädten > Versterben > 559. Sterbenebenregister 1876-1887 contains 35. Wolfskehlen > Verstorbene > 559. Sterbenebenregister 1876-1887.
  • 35. Wolfskehlen > Geburten (births) is empty.
  • 36. Worfelden > 567. Geburtsnebenregister 1889-1899 is missing.
  • 905. Gießen, Landkreis > 52. Laubach > Geburten > 871. Geburtsnebenregister 1876-1895 really contains 905. Gießen, Landkreis 54. Lauter > Geburten, 871. Geburtsnebenregister 1876-1895.

Question 4[edit | edit source]

Question 4: When searching for records from 905. Gießen, Landkreis > 31. Großen-Linden, I find images from Grünberg. How may I find the images that are supposed to be there?
Answer 4: It is true that the records are really for Grunberg. FamilySearch does not have the records from Gießen, Landkreis > 31. Großen-Linden, because the usual workaround would be to use the film from the Catalog, but this collection has no film.