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Getting Started[edit | edit source]

Numerous articles are available on FamilySearch Wiki to help you get started in family history. This page will provide links to articles about general research topics.

Principles of Family History Research

  1. Identify What You Know
  2. Decide What You Want to Learn
  3. Select Records to Search
  4. Obtain and Search the Records
  5. Use the Information

Where to start?[edit | edit source]

If you are wondering where to get started in your family history research, the following articles will help you with this decision:

How to Guess Where to Start

Organization and Documentation[edit | edit source]

Organizing and documenting your research is a key concept for both beginners and seasoned family history researchers. File organization is important in computers, but for genealogy and family history research work it is absolutely imperative. Creating links between files (such as source documents that have been scanned, research logs, analysis forms, and records managers) can help in keeping the sources available for quick view while studying and analyzing a research problem. Many types of organizing methods exist, so researchers can adopt and then adapt them to personal styles. The following articles will help you understand this important process:

Get Started in Research[edit | edit source]

Other articles that may be helpful include:

Technology[edit | edit source]

Technology can be a useful tool when doing genealogy. Understanding how to use technology can help genealogists create an organized, useful system that makes doing research much easier. A few articles that have helpful tips on making technology work for you include:

Wiki Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Wiki Videos:

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How-to Wiki Articles: