Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals

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Note: As of 30 Sept 2019, the URL associated with this group ( has been properly purchased by a non related company. This requires further inquiry from the content owner. Until this is resolved, perhaps the best source is:

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The Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals is a group of independent genealogy professionals who have combined to provide local genealogical services for clients around the globe.

  • The Alliance gives consumers a place to locate genealogy research professionals who can retrieve records, perform custom research, or simply provide expert advice. 
  • Many in the group are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists and were providers for's former Expert Connect service. 
  • In most cases, members live in the area they represent to be close to repositories of genealogical materials.
  • Members of the Alliance are registered FamilySearch Wiki users, promoting the use of the Wiki as a resource for genealogy.